Reviews and Recommendations

Lisa was extremely professional in all she did for us. When other's would not return our phone calls Lisa was always prompt and worked extremely hard on our behalf. Thanks to her we had a very positive experience and we recommend her highly         

                  Thanks again

                        Kory & Kerstine Larsen 



To whom this may concern.

   This is letter is a recommendation about Lisa Cox. She was my realtor for a property I bought in East Carbon. She went above and beyond her duty to get me this property.  This house did not cost much and as so the commission was not much but her effort and dedication was amazing. I almost gave up hope on getting the property, but because of her effort the sale went through.

   Lisa is a great asset in her profession and she will do what it takes to achieve her goal. 

Kim Julander


Lisa Cox has sold two homes for me in the last six months. The first house was originally listed with another realtor for eight months and no sale. I decided to get a different realtor when that contract was up. I interviewed four different realtors before deciding who to list it with. I chose Lisa because of her enthusiasm, knowledge of real estate in the area, and that she was willing to work on weekends and holidays when necessary.  She sold it in four months. 

The second house she sold had been a rental house and needed a lot of work.  I was so relieved when Lisa told me she could sell it as is, and we didn’t have to do the work. She sold it in four months, which I thought was remarkable. 

   I would recommend Lisa Cox to any one. She is a hard worker and she gets the job done.

Carolee Larsen 


Our experience with Lisa Cox as a person and realtor was amazing from our first phone conversation with her.  
We were passing through Castle Dale, Utah in September planning on going fishing up at Fish Lake.  We had been thinking about buying a home and the charm of the area got us interested in touching base with a realtor just to see what was available in the area.  We Googled to find a local realestate agent and came up with about 4 different ones listed in Price and Castle Dale.  We called the first three and got only requests to leave a message (only one called back about 2 hours later).  We were getting discouraged as we had limited time and were hoping to find a live person to help us.  Then we tried Lisa's phone #.  SHE ANSWERED!  Yah.  She was enthusiastic from the start, got right down to business and wanted to know what we were looking for and told us she had a place we might be interested in.  Well to our delight she met up with us a short while later and we went looking.  Not sure what she had planned for that day but she sure made us feel like we were important and the places we looked at and the advice she gave us matched our needs.  She was absolutely delightful!.

We researched several properties but came back to the first place she had shown us and made an offer that same evening before we left to go home.  We felt so good about the place and Lisa was diligent in her communications with us, answered all our questions in a timely manner and never failed to come through for us in walking us through and making sure all the pieces came together in a timely fashion.  And timely being very important when you are putting new job opportunities in place, getting financial and inspections papers together and being very knowledgeable about how all those things need to come together to make the purchase of our new home possible.  

We can't thank Lisa enough for making our dream come true.  We love our new home and are so grateful for all of her efforts to make it possible.  We give her a no hesitation AA+ recommendation!

Josie Day



I rarely give endorsements, but I am more than happy to convey to you my experience in working with Lisa. 

I am a native of Ferron, where my parents raised five sons and were pillars of the community.  My father Max was mayor for 19 years over two separate terms and a state meat inspector for over 30 years covering Emery and parts of Carbon County.  My mother was an elementary school teacher for over 35 years.  I am a graduate of BYU and UofU law school and have been the Executive Director of a non-profit, Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake for 28 years.  I have maintained my “roots” in Castle Country with many relatives and owning my parents’ home in Ferron since my father’s death in 2007.  Although I love my childhood home, it is just too difficult to manage a rental from so far away, and I finally made the decision that the home needed a new, permanent owner.

I turned to trusted family and friends to recommend someone to help me sell this treasured property.  The unanimous recommendation was Lisa.  Daine and Stephanie Behling at First Title recommended Lisa not only because of her success as a realtor, but also because of her integrity as a professional in their dealings with her.  I “connected” with Lisa from our first phone communication about the possible sale of the house.  Interestingly, at the time I contacted Lisa, I was still trying to “close” on a deal with the prior renters to do a “rent to own” deal, and Lisa was very understanding that I might may or may not engage her services.  However, she was very helpful in informing me of my options and the process of listing IF the “rent to own” did not pan out.  As it turned out, the deal did not go through and Lisa was ready to jump in and represent me in listing and selling the house.

From our first meeting, Lisa impressed me with her knowledge of the realty business in general, but of her particular knowledge of the housing market in Emery County.  She was VERY frank with me on what we would need to do to get my parents’ house ready for sale in the local market.  I now realize, that had I not taken her advice, I would be sitting with an empty house for another six-nine months.  However, because of her expert advice (and a shit load of work on my part), we are under a Purchase Contract as of last week.

All too often, one deals with “professionals” that you wonder about – whether you trust what they do and say and wonder if they are looking out for your best interests.  ALL of my dealings with Lisa have been extremely positive, transparent and candid.  She has steered me to qualified professionals to do work I cannot do myself and gone the extra mile in making sure I got additional quotes when she thought I could get a better deal with major costs items such as flooring – which saved me thousands of dollars.  Lisa has even tried to “rope” me into flipping houses with her in Emery County (my grandmother’s home is in Orangeville).  If I were not “allergic” to hard manual labor, I would actually enjoy working with Lisa fixing up old houses to be wonderful homes for new owners – because I have enjoyed working with her that much.

If I had to describe my interactions with Lisa in a word it would be “integrity”.  I hope the sale of my house in Ferron goes through in the next couple of weeks, but if it does not, I look forward to continue working with Lisa to sell it at the highest amount possible.  When anyone is engaged in a business enterprise, the goal is to be successful and to make money.  However, the people which whom we work and the manner in which they conducts themselves DOES make a difference.  For me, working with attorneys with integrity is a completely different experience than dealing with someone I don’t trust.  In my interactions with Lisa Cox, I have nothing but confidence and would choose her again as my agent in a New York minute.


Stewart P. Ralphs, Executive Director

Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake


I would absolutely recommend Lisa as an agent. Seriously the most thorough and helpful person to guide you through the process of home buying. My wife and I had some hesitations with buying our home as we are first time home buyers and she talked us through all of our concerns and made us feel comfortable. She was always on the ball, answered any of our questions quickly and was an advocate for us in this whole process. Most importantly, she was real with us and actually cared about our concerns and thoughts unlike other agents we had tried to work with that made us feel either rushed or unsure. If you're looking for an agent who will guide you, fight for you, and treat you like a person look no further. Lisa is the REAL DEAL.

Nathen Alspaugh


One word for Lisa – "hustle". She works hard for her clients' benefit.

Miles Pitcher





I feel it’s imperative that I take a moment to express my appreciation and admiration for Lisa Cox. She is

a worker!

My wife and I had been trying to sell our home in beautiful Castle Dale, Emery County, Utah for four

plus years. Our efforts were not successful. In the beginning we tried using a Realtor. It was a disaster!

After that we felt we could do better selling it by ourselves. We made many mistakes, some of them

costly to us!

A year ago Lisa approached us about helping us sell our home. At the time we didn’t feel like we wanted

to take on a Realtor. But even then, I could tell that Lisa was a “Go-Getter”! This year – in February – we

decided to use a Real Estate Agent...Lisa Cox. She was so energetic, proactive and excited to sell the

home. She was so confident; she knew she could sell it. That confidence rubbed off on me. I began to

believe that we were going to be successful in selling our home. And sell it we did! From the time that we

signed the contract with Lisa until the time that we closed on the sale of the home, it was less than two

weeks, probably closer to one week.

I enthusiastically recommend Lisa Cox to sell anybodies’ home!

Douglas Lowe






To Whom It May Concern:


I have know Lisa Cox for about two years.  I have found Lisa to be a person of exceptional character.  Lisa has the integrity of a person anyone would want to work with.  She has shown that she has the ability to work with just about anyone and get the job accomplished.


I would recommend Lisa in any capacity whether it is work related are not.  If you have any questions you can call me at 435-881-0212.




Greg Cox

Human Resource Director

City of Logan


Angela and Wade Paskett

Lisa is amazing! She helped us sell our home that had special considerations and couldn’t just be a standard sale. She worked so hard and was creative and thorough and was able to get us the best price. She has a ton of energy and really cares about the needs of her clients. We will definitely be using her again!  -Wade and Angela Paskett




Chuck Compagni - 6/26/20

I have been working with Lisa for the past several years, on various property, sales and analysis. Lisa is always straight forward and honest in any and all transactions. She works very hard to sell your property no matter how large or small it may be. She gives full attention to every possibility.

Lisa's strong suit is knowing the feelings of her clients, and trying her hardest to get them the value they need or their property. It is a pleasure to meet a rare individual, that will not follow the normal herd, in trying to get you to lower your price, just to make sure she has another notch on her gun. Comparables do not mean anything to Lisa. Often times she has you increase your price. Lisa will always be my first choice!

Charles Compagni